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Fully Featured Docking Layout Manager

Zero dependency layout managment and docking controls

Serializable Layouts

Add and remove panels using the provided api or use the serialziation methods to persist layouts.

Customizable Theme

Adjust a number of provided CSS Properties for a simple change or target specific classes for a more customized approach.

Choose Your Control

Choose from a simple splitview, gridview, collapsable panes or a full docking solution. Combine multiple for complex layouts.

Rich Feature Control

Customize header features to add additional icons and more as well as custom tab rendering.

Floating and Popout Groups

Built-in support for floating groups and groups in new windows with a supporting api for progmatic control.

Drag And Drop

Drag and Drop tab to position your layout as well as interacting with external drag events.

Zero Dependencies

Zero dependencies, that's all.

Code Quality and Transparency

All of the code is run through Sonarcloud Code Analysis, which along with the source code and high test coverage can be viewed from the Github page.

React or Vanilla TypeScript

Exposes native support for both ReactJS components and Vanilla TypeScript.

Dockview Live Demos