Module dockview - v1.8.5


Zero dependency layout manager supporting tabs, groups, grids and splitviews with ReactJS support written in TypeScript

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  • Simple splitviews, nested splitviews (i.e. gridviews) supporting full layout managment with dockable and tabular views
  • Extensive API support at the component level and view level
  • Themable and customizable
  • Serialization / deserialization support
  • Tabular docking and Drag and Drop support
  • Floating groups, customized header bars and tab
  • Documentation and examples

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Quick start

Dockview has a peer dependency on react >= 16.8.0 and react-dom >= 16.8.0. You can install dockview from npm.

npm install --save dockview

Within your project you must import or reference the stylesheet at dockview/dist/styles/dockview.css and attach a theme.

@import '~dockview/dist/styles/dockview.css';

You should also attach a dockview theme to an element containing your components. For example:

<body classname="dockview-theme-dark"></body>




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